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Alex Smith @LabourList: James Purnell and the renewal of the Labour left – better late than never

Andrew Alexander: The Mail Online blogger on Purnell and the project

Andrew Rawnsley: Labour may never win on its own again

Arts Counselling: What next for the left and ex-Culture Ministers?

BBC Radio 4: James Purnell on Start the Week

BBC: Purnell ‘lost faith months ago’

BBC: Purnell says ‘Labour should be confident of 4th term.’

Conor Ryan: Purnell’s ideas on revitalising our democracy are a welcome contribution

Daily Mail: Purnell and the future for Labour

Dave Cole: Critiques the responses of others to the Open Left questions

Daniel Finkelstien: What was James Purnell thinking?

ePolitix: “Rewiring the Left”, review of Open Left at Labour Conference

George Eaton: the New Statesman blogger on Purnell’s Guardian article

Gerry Hassan on why Britain isn’t broken

Turn Left: A Review of the Open Left launch by Laurie Penny

The Guardian: James Purnell interview

The Guardian: James Purnell outlines plan for Labour to win fourth term

The Guardian: James Purnell’s miraculous conversion

The Guardian: Has the left blown its big chance of success?

The Guardian: Labour should listen to James Purnell”

The Guardian: Unions call for guaranteed jobs for long term unemployed

Henry Porter: The Left must think beyond the state

James Forsyth: What the left thinks of the right

James Purnell: Cameron is wrong to say he won’t reform welfare

James Purnell: New Labour has become too much of a sect

Jesse Norman: Conservatism can save the left

Jon Cruddas: Beware the liberal drift

John McDonnell MP criticises the Open Left project

John McDonnell: Jumping ship on Labour

Letters: Important debate on Labour’s future

Liberal Conspiracy: commentary on the Open Left project

Liberal Conspiracy: Capabilities, Sen and Purnell

Liberal Conspiracy: James Purnell’s confusion on markets

London Review of Books: A scathing review of the Open Left Project

Mirror: Economists and unions urge drive back to work

Mehdi Hasan: Does Purnell have any policies? In the New Statesman

Morning Star: Purnell calls for Labour Party unity

Morning Star: TUC warns against failing unemployed

Neal Lawson: Purnell can’t have it both ways on ‘market socialism’

Newsnight: James Purnell talks about Open Left and renewing the ideas of the left

New Statesman: It’s time to pass the baton to the next generation

New Statesman: Purnell “one of the left’s smartest and least predictable thinkers”

New Statesman: There is more intellectual energy on the left than for a generation

No Right Turn: On the Open Left project

Penny Red: An activist gives her view on the project and launch

Peter Kellner: “Labour needs to rediscover its passion for equality – and define what this means for the 21st century”

PoliticalBetting.com: So where next for the British Left?

Politics.co.uk: Purnell – I won’t be back

Press Association: ‘Labour must stop infighting’

Rebecca Hickman @labourlist: social mobility is not enough

Simon Rosenberg: Demos and Open Left meeting the challenges of the 21st century

Spectator: Labour’s cycle of deceit?

Spectator: James Purnell’s third way

Spectator: Purnell’s ‘empowerment’ pledge falls flat

Stuart White: James Purnell heralds a return to movement politics

Stuart White: What rights should a capitalist have?

Sunder Katwala: Purnell goes beyond the limits of New Labour

Sunny Hundal: It is time for the left to get radical

Telegraph: Ed Balls attacks James Purnell

Tendance Coatesy: Open Left and equality

Theo Hobson: Purnell name-checked in this consideration of ‘utopia’ in leftwing thought

Tony Benn: Arguments the left has to win

The Appalling Strangeness: A critic of Purnell on the project

The Wardman Wire: Carl Gardner elaborates on his contribution

The Australian: Left or Right, we need more than groupthink

Telegraph: James Purnell warns Labour not to live in the past

Times: Decision to quit was really simple

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